Door Of The Day

With the new lay-out, the I Love Belgium team decided to go for more unique content. We reflected upon the things you guys really loved in the past and we figured out that we needed to develop your favourite Facebook item: ceiling of the day! The result of our brainstorm? "Door Of The Day" a tribute to Belgian's most architectural/artisan/atypical front doors. Our mission? To go around Belgium and photograph the surreal diversity in architectural front doors.

We kick-start the series with a remarkable door situated in the Brussels commune Forest. This iron-cast door depicts an oriental inspired image of a bird and a rising sun. Above this we read " La Forge d'Art" in a thirties typo, translating into "the blacksmith's art". A perfect display for the blacksmith Paul Leva who once occupied this space! Or how doors can tell stories.

Pictures taken with the Nikon D7100

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