Dombrecht Miyoshi subwoofer

The sad news of today is the passing-away of Whitney Houston, one of the greatest singers of the past years. Despite all the gossip and trash talking about her lifestyle, we will remember her as a true diva. That's why we dedicate this weekend find to her because we will be playing her songs over and over again for the next few days.


Good tunes sound so much better on a good loudspeaker and if the loudspeaker has an innovative design, what more can we ask for? That's why we present you the Bass-Log, a subwoofer designed by Corentin Dombrecht and Rokko Miyoshi. Most of our readers will remember Corentin as one of the designers of the Designed in Brussels selection in 2011. Corentin has as a thing with music. For his graduation project he designed a Rollsrolex, a case-study on the ergonomics of deejaying and in 2010 he presented the Megaphone loudspeakers.


His new loudspeaker design is a 60W RMS subwoofer made of blue cedar which is technically still alive. As the wood dries, the sound gets better and the log starts a second life. We'll end this post with Whitney's first performance on Belgian television in 1986, singing the beautiful All at once. Rest in piece Miss Houston.



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