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Disturbing Beauty

Edith Ronse is an artist with a passion for the body. Deformation, movement, materialisation or dismemberment are just a few of the words that come to mind when looking at her painfully beautiful sculptures.

These sculptures, with a hint of classical references, show the Edith's perfect knowledge or the human body. And although she starts from the classical figure she soon looses all control over the sculpture. Every phase of the work (which consists of modelling clay, moulding and pouring and curing the resin) can influence her sculptures. This results into a playfully way of working where Edith adds, takes away or deforms parts of the evolving sculpture. In the end these new ideas and form language trigger a duality: beauty vs. ugly, figuration vs. abstraction, rough vs. refined, ...

Also her material use reflects this way of working. The surfaces of her sculptures have a transparent look due to the use of several layers of nuanced colours. This give the surface (which can consist out of wax, textile or resin) a much needed vulnerability that fits within her sculptures that will leave you puzzled.

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