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We have to admit, the ILB-team has a weak spot for an unique vintage piece. On one of our many vintage-hunts we came across two beautiful vintage glass display cabinets. The price was right and it was a welcome solution for much needed storage space. Quickly one question raised: how to transport these sleek and minimal sixties designs? Luckily for me the store clerk knew that it was a real modular and easily disassembled "Kewlox" design. When he added "it's Belgian", we knew he just handed us a new ILB article!

It was way back in 1958 that Mr Kewley, an English engineer, designed a system for putting pieces of wood and steel corner-profiles together to form a solid structure. A year later, he registered a patent for it. He used the name "Kewlox" for his invention, a contraction between his own name and the interlocking aspect of his invention.

But it was Jacques Leclercq, a Belgian metal products merchant, who made Kewlox big! When he discovered the Kewlox concept that same year at a London trade show he decided to buy the license and Kewlox storage cabinets was born! Kewlox gradually expanded its business around the world and became a real design institution.
Today Kewlox Cabinets are still built from the same patented assembly system. All parts of Kewlox Cabinets are available in many dimensions, materials and colours, which allows you to configure practically any imaginable combination. And to show you how it's done, we're going to update our vintage cabinets with some new Kewlox elements. So be prepared for I Love Belgium's first DIY article!

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