Cupcake craze part 2: LoJoLa

Is there something in the air or is there a new generation of girls that combine entrepreneurship with the plain male sexist cliché that every woman should be in the kitchen? The I Love Belgium team already reported about different cupcake places in Brussels and Ghent and of course Antwerp couldn't stay behind.ILOVEBELGIUM

This little piece of cake..euhh we mean heaven, is called LoJoLa, runned by Joline Van Der Stighelen. Her surname will certainly ring a bell with people who are in advertising. Yes, she is the daughter of Guillaume Van Der Stighelen, one of the founders of Belgian advertising agency Duval Guillaume. But we're not here to advertise her dad, so back to the cupcakes. Joline is not only into those typical sugarcoated treats, she also makes her own cookies and brownies. And in the healthier section: you can also taste her homemade smoothies and soup in the colder months. And all this with lots of love from a cute 16th century house on the Hendrik Conscienceplein, the most beautiful squares of Antwerp. Antwerp maybe the fashion capital of Belgium, LoJoLa makes it the sweetest fashion capital in the world.

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