Contemporary Sculptures

Before we discovered the sculptures of Stijn Ank, the I Love Belgium team digitally stumbled upon his recently completed house. Without a doubt this structure was envisioned by the same man who turns heavy plaster objects into pieces of art. As a result it didn't surprise us when we heard that Stijn studied architecture in his younger days. But his career took a turn when he met bronze caster Jem Marginet who introduced him to the world of sculptures. And although Stijn got new insights into the art world, he still uses his background in architecture to research the various ways in which contemporary sculpture can be possibly redefined in relation to its surrounding space.

His way of working resembles closely to the concrete casting technique used in architecture. For his "Folding" experiments he uses moulds which he fills with (coloured) plaster. The adding of colour gives the sculptures a feeling of controlled freedom. But his sculptures truly come alive when placed in a defined space. It's then that the relation object-space is at its best. A perfect example of this is the temporary artwork "Interval" which he created for a narrow but high space within the museum of contemporary art S.M.A.K. The I Love Belgium team added the making-off video. Enjoy!

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