Contemporary Cottage

Back in the days, the Belgian seaside was dominated by characteristic fishermen’s cottages scattered all over our dunes. Over the years, these whitewashed stonework, black tarred base and red-tiled roof cottages got replaced by the more profitable apartment blocks. Architecture office BURO II & ARCHI+I re-used the typical cottage elements to design a contemporary summer house in the Royal sea-side city of Ostend.

As this house is only used a few months a year, the architects had to look for a structure that allows full privacy when unoccupied  and full openness when used!  This resulted in a ground floor surrounded by wooden venetian blind shutters. The open plan ground floor contains the entrance, garage, bathroom and a multifunctional space that can serve as storage/additional guest room. Upstairs you'll find the open living space, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The holiday feeling is completed through the stunning views and a covered patio.

From the street side the house forms a clearly delineated volume and as the plot has high hedges, people passing by only see the white upper floor. So next time when you're in Ostend, look around and let us know when you've spotted this contemporary fishermen's cottage!

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