Container Offices

How do you turn a grey run-of-the-mill wear house into an interactive and open workplace? It was printing firm Drukta and mailing company Formail who approached Five AM with this brief, a location, a limited budget and shed loads of ideas. The kortrijk-based design atelier supplied the solution by implementing shipping containers in an unusual way!

One of the main requirements was to stimulate interaction between the offices and the work floor, which also had to be experienced by visiting clients and suppliers. As the budget for the 4000 square meters was limited, Five AM came up with the idea of placing 13 refurbished second hand shipping containers. Encapsulating these containers within the existing building, resulted in a perfect interaction between office and workspace while creating an unique experience for both visitors, workers and office staff. In reality this translates in an office plan where bosses can see their employees (and vice versa) while the visitors can explore an impressive panorama of the production hall

Even from the outside a visual statement was made: three containers pop out of the unused yet existing loading docks. This doesn't only serve as an eye-catcher, but also draws in as much natural light as possible. Although the interior of these containers was kept sober, some of them received a bright yellow paint job to brighten up the surrounding concrete shell. A perfect example of how wear house design can turn from dull into smart with just a few architectural nips and tucks!

pictures taken by Cafeine

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