Concrete Design

Today the I Love Belgium team puts a focus on the design work of newly found collective The Ministry of Mass. David Braeckman and Sander Michiels aim to provide comments, criticism and reflection on our current practices as a producing and consuming culture. This translates into a limited series of objects, produced independent and local or objects that reflect on the diminishing relation between Man and Nature.

An example? The concrete shaped diamond stool reflects upon concrete as a material which formed our world by giving us the ability to construct in new ways. While diamonds are the ultimate objects of desire with no real impact on our way of life. In other words: the Diamond stool has with it’s shape rendered the concrete useless and claims it’s new position as an object of reflection and desire.

Even though it does not shimmer as it's carbon based counterpart, it does purify air thanks to it's titanium oxide supplement, breaking down nitrogen with help from the sun. The Diamond compels to re-evaluate materials and their intrinsic properties while criticizing our perception driven culture. Smart, no?

This way of thinking can be found in other works such as Stool (when moss grows on it’s concrete parts, the stool’s powerful thrichotomy in color and material is completed. When the moss perishes, the trichotomy perishes with it) and Lamp ( where the lamp’s heavy presence makes it laborious to direct it’s light thus stimulating undivided focus and attention). Wonder if their theory has the same impact on you? Well, you can see their work at the Interieur fair in Kortrijk!

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