Concept Hotel

A concept hotel doesn't always need to translate itself into white interiors and design prototypes. That's why Concept Hotel went back to the roots of hospitality. Located in a 17th-century guild-house on the Unesco world heritage claimed Grand Place, this bed & breakfast offers spectacular views as well inside as outside.

Instead of gutting the interior and making hotel-conform rooms, the owners respected the century old elements such as the wooden floors, narrow staircases and high ceilings. To emphasise these characteristics they searched the antique and vintage shops of the Sablon area to find objects. Luckily they didn't go overboard and  selected a fine selection of relevant furniture, lighting objects and artworks.

Yes, you have to take into account that you will stay in a place where you have a concentration of sock and sandal tourists, that you have no elevator in the 4-story high building and that you have the danger to end up in the Galler chocolate shop downstairs. Not really an issue if you know that you stay on the most beautiful square in the world (according to Victor Hugo), you sleep in a history loaded place and that Galler is one of the best chocolate houses in Belgium... If Brussels wasn't the I Love Belgium's home town we would stay here!

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