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Color Me Chrostin

Meet Chrostin, our new cartoon BFF. She’s cute, funny and kinda quirky. Chrostin is a fictional character created by the Flemish cartoonist Christina De Witte. We’d already seen Christina’s drawings and featured one of them in the ‘When Art Heals’ article we posted right after the Brussels attacks. Christina has always liked drawing and doodling and began creating comics while she was in art school. Even though some critiqued her drawings for being too childish and simple, Christina never stopped making them and we’re so thankful for that!

Chrostin brings happiness to our Instagram and Facebook feeds and makes us laugh about everyday moments. The I Love Belgium team feels as if there’s a little bit of Chrostin in all of us. Whether we’re struggling with wrapping gifts or slightly burning our scalps off at the hairdresser’s, we’ve all lived these moments at least once.

Do you recognize yourself in Chrostin’s silly moves? If not, do not worry. You can send in your own ideas and maybe Christina turns one of them into a Chrostin comic!

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