Cliché Valentine

Don't panic! You just forgot Valentine's day? Then the I Love Belgium team has you covered. We provide you with two great ideas: flowers and chocolate. Yes, it might sound cliché but don't forget that we know where to shop. So ignite your car, jump on the subway or start biking to the two following Brussels-based addresses as it will save you from kitchenware projectiles!

We begin with chocolates! In general Belgian chocolates are known for their great quality, so no problem there. Instead we're looking for that little extra. The Pierre Marcolini shop on the Sablon offers just that! This year Pierre came up with the idea of a minimalistic chocolate, heart-shaped, red powdered box. Inside you have Marcolini’s emblematic raspberry ganache heart chocolates. And we promise you, just like the chocolates, you're partners "you forgot Valentine" feelings will melt-away!

After some edible love,  you create some flower magic! Thierry Boutemy's flower arrangements will provide the necessary va va voom! Thierry is known as the floral designer who provided a floral backdrop for a Lanvin catwalk, created majestic arrangements for Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette movie and assured Grace Jones of a pretty pink stage setting. Yes, he'll make sure that one of his romantic yet modern creations will win your partner heart over!

Have a great Valentine's day!

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