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Claire's veins

You may know Claire Laffut, the girl behind the LACLAIRE temporary tattoo collections. As everyone has mainly been looking at her tattoo collections, the ilovebelgium team wanted to opt for something else and look at her artwork.

For those who don't know Claire: she' a young talented girl, born and raised in Belgium, but currently living in Paris. Claire is an all-round artist, talented and skilled in many crafts. Yet she doesn't come from a creative background, she didn’t go to art school. In fact she only took a few drawing lessons at the age of 7 in a small provincial academy. So what's the reason why she likes to create? Her parents and their creative lifestyles. Claire took these experiences and made it her own. The fact that she is only 20 years old stuns us. Clare has a extensive network and already cooperated with companies and studios in Paris and New York. When she arrived in Paris, she worked with a friend on a scenography and since then her vision on art never stopped growing.

What Claire strives for is self-development and self-discovery. She just wants to try out new textures, improve her skills and discover new supports. Drawing, painting, designing furniture, etc.. She tries to translate her emotions, feelings and even environments into colors and shapes in as many ways as possible. Her style is influenced by various art techniques such as line art and pointillism. Claire also uses a lot of symmetries in her work and is absolutely obsessed with neon, bright colors, wood and marbles. Diverse hues that can make very interesting combinations.

Want to know a fun fact about the paintings below? Claire once had a black eye and was truly fascinated by the apparition of those veins all around her eye! Artists do find inspiration everywhere, you don’t need to look too far away, you new painting series might just be a back eye away.

Portret picture taken by Thomas Babea en Make-up by Stéphanie Jacquet

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