City Hall Interior

The city hall of design minded city Kortrijk will never get on your nerves when you have to wait. The original, introverted bank building dating from the 1960s was stripped down to the raw concrete shell by the Brussels firm noA, and the new city hall inaugurated in 2003 is now first and foremost a place of colour and comfort.

All the areas housing public services on the ground floor are fitted with curtains, wall-to-wall carpeting, columns and furniture in the colour of the department in question. A white epoxy floor leads visitors to the information desk where the three entrances intersect and it is also used to separate the various departments from one another. The clearly absent counters, the transparent consultation cubicles and the simple furniture emphasise how the municipal authorities want to bring the administration closer to citizens.

The location of the building, in a busy shopping street, gave the opportunity to design a public cafeteria on the 4th floor. Providing a pancake accompanied with a panoramic view over this historic city. A unique experience when you know that Kortrijk has almost no skyscrapers. So if you're in Kortrijk for Interieur or Superieur, then visit this jewel of Bureaucracy.

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