Christophe Gilbert Photography

Starting out as an assistant of a well-known car photographer in the colourful 80's, Christophe Gilbert found out how light can bring life into a piece of metal. Since then he has worked for brands such as Mercedes, Renault, Ikea, Levi's, LG Electronics, Ogilvy, Playstation, Toyota, Volkswagen and many others. Therefore Gilbert is one of the most quoted photographers in the advertising world.

Although his photography is quite technical, the idea behind the picture makes it strong. It is not about what you see, or even how you see things anymore, but about how you want things to be seen. Pictures with a goal. To reach this goal, Gilbert is a master of post-production and image manipulation. Truly believing that those small details make a huge difference.

The I Love Belgium team made a selection of his work, showcasing the love for humour, women, use of light and references. Whether it is for a million dollar car campaign or his own private work, he always seems to hit the right nail on the head!

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