Chapel Design

How do you design a chapel interior for an organisation of autonomous schools anno 2012? This hard task was tackled by design duo Tom Callebaut and Cindy Tirry also know as design office tcct. They handled the chapel space as a metaphor for the way the institute works with people: transforming the internal disorder into an infrastructure which gives peace, happiness and reflection.

The existing chapel is a high beam-formed space with Christian depictions on three sides (stained glass window or wall frescos). All these stories are hidden behind white panels so that the space can become a white canvas for the mind or one filled with stories and explanations. The white space as an initiation for the future, the stories as inspiration from the past.

White sand as floor-covering acts as an isolating material and a ritual element when entering the space. On the other hand, the sand can act as a big writing or drawing table!  Between the empty white space and the space filled with stories lies a world of variates. Each time with their own stories, illuminatio, colour and meaning. This chapel really invites you to be quite, reflect, interact and take initiative! The I Love Belgium team feels relxed just by looking at the pictures! What about you?

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