Cedric Jacquemyn - FW 2012

The I Love Belgium team went to Paris Fashion Week (menswear) last weekend and again we were smitten with Cedric Jacquemyn's new Fall Winter 2012 collection Fields of Regeneration, a continuation of the previous collections The Last Glacier and The Waste Land. Cedric is inspired by ever-changing landscapes, consequences of destruction, and the life it creates. Like the eucalyptus tree that needs extreme heat to release his seeds and therefore takes the risk of eliminating itself.

This collection is the result of the beauty of returning life, the power of survival, a message of illumination. Inspired by clan structures (Cedric explained that he found inspiration in the tartan fabrics worn by the Masai tribe) and the decay of the feeling of unity, deconstructed tartan pieces handknitted in his Antwerp atelier are a translation of our current world, however the knit in itself is a paradox. Although is it deconstructed, it is not destructed, the weave still ties it all together.

Cedric carries on a continuing artistic dialogue with the photographer Yves de Brabander, who's lens captures the brand's visual identity in arresting natural and manmade landscapes.

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