Caroline Van Hoek

Caroline Van Hoek is a Ghent native who has always intrigued the I Love Belgium. We met her first in at her apartment in the picturesque artist village  Sint-Martens-Latem where she hosted a dinner. In the middle of the dinner a soprano started to sing an aria, and than we knew; this was not a random dinner. Although she's very analytical (with a background in insurances), she's a very spiritual (she's a qualified yogi) and creative person. In Brussels she found her creative outlet.

Away from shopping streets, in a quiet area behind the Avenue Louise amongst other art galeries, she opened her own eponymous gallery. Previously a grocery store, the outside facade has been left exactly as it was, to honor what it represents. The local shop around the corner, the close contact with the clientele, the seasonal availability of goods, the limited number of groceries and the respect for the individuality.

The galery exhibits the creative potential of the artist in its entirety through unique and specially commissioned pieces made within the largest interpretation of the word jewelry showing wearable creations but also design and objects within the world of adornment. The specialty is contemporary jewelry and silverware, to be interpreted in its broadest form showing the entire universe of adornment. The I Love Belgium team of the gems (figuratively and literally speaking) she showcases in her gallery. If you're in the neigbhourhood (or if you're in Brussels, it's true destination shopping), drop by and get sucked into her universe.

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