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Call Me Blue

Over 200 years of science and breeding has led to the massive beast called the Belgian Blue Cow. This magnificent creatures stands with the power and intensity comparable to a steroid clad body builder, but its strength is completely natural. The great Belgian Blue Cow can be spotted by the size of its bulging muscles in the shoulders, back, loin, and rump that are genetically coded to be twice the size of normal muscle mass. No steroids are used here, just selective breeding of cows with a specific genetic defect where the protein that stops muscle growth never gets turned on. These Belgian beasts, that often times have the same coloring as a nice piece of blue cheese, can grow to be over 2,500 pounds.

Despite the size of their muscles, Belgian Blue meat is considered to be one of the best. The cut is extremely tender and lean with little fat, while being the healthiest and most durable for consumption. 

The first Belgian Blue Cow was spotted in 1800 in Belgium's very own countryside. To keep the prestige of the Belgian Blues that has been growing for over 200 years, farmers have taken up the job of selective breeding. Below you can see pictures from a guidebook for developing the perfect Belgian Blue, made by Dutch artist Sabine Grotendorst. She documented this Belgian heritage through capturing images that show the different aspects of the breeding.

Because there is also a controversial side to the story! As today, lab technicians have the ability to check samples from males to see which ones should continue to reproduce with which females to produce a calf with the greatest muscle mass. It’s estimated that the majority of our current Belgian Blues are decedents of just three different males.

The impeccable size of the Belgian Blue Cow can lead to complications further down in their lives. When lying down in the sun, you will see stitches down the sides of lounging females. This is because giving birth with such strong surrounding muscles is close to impossible with 90% of Belgian Blue Cow births occurring as C-sections. Stiff legs and bulging tongues can also make it difficult for Belgian Blues to feed.

The bulbous size of a glorious Belgian Blue Cow may be overwhelming and daunting, but up close they are mesmerizing creatures. 200 years combined with 2,500 pounds of strength has created a legacy of power for Belgium.

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