Cédric Jacquemyn - AW 2011/2012

One of I Love Belgium's favourite collections during last year's graduation show of the Antwerp fashion academy was "The last glacier" collection of young Belgian designer Cédric Jacquemyn. After graduation he took the courageous decision to start his own collection. ILOVEBELGIUMBLOG

Something that we can only applaud. It's great that a lot of Belgian designers are spearheading big fashion houses (Raf Simons at Jil Sander, Cédric Charlier at Cacharel, Kris Van Assche at Dior,...) but it's even greater news that young Belgian designers  have the audacity to start their own label and we should support this! And so should the government, like they funded the Antwerp 6 in the eighties.

His first collection ever is a continuation of his graduation collection. Iceland, Cédric’s most prominent source of inspiration is meticulously translated in his garments. He manages to capture the blatant beauty and the emotions of this magical country constant duality into every single piece he makes. A duality of both the serenity and the power of Icelandic nature and the threatening consequences of the ever-changing environment.The choice of fabrics, the use of geometrical designs, the knotting technique used to assemble the garments and the contrast in the use of both dark and very bright colours create an atmosphere of both awareness and illumination. We see very fluid garments, an urban nomad, strong but comfortable and fashionable without any doubt.

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