Hundred public spots photographed in Brussels, and reinterpreted by three architects. All pictures joined in a compact notebook, freely distributed in an edition of 10000 copies and published online. That's BXL100.be

With their (provisionally) virtual interventions, the architects of URA and Arjan Harbers of Topotronic want to sensitise a broad public about how absurd a public space is frequently handled. BXL100 is no large-scale urban study but looks into small interventions which turn Brussels into a more pleasant and user friendly space. These designs however will not be realised but work as eye-openers for citizens and politicians.

The concept to do something around the 'daily use' of the urban space grew throughout the years. With financial help of former minister for Public Works Pascal Smet the idea got realized. The publication feels like a student project: A5-format, from beginning till end filled with self-snapped portraits of the complete metropolitan district. Quickly and nicely presented ideas without more. Hopefully they can generate a new conscience and kick-start the question for a better interpretation of the city. Here's a small I Love Belgium selection, discover much more on the site!

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