Bury's Beauty

"It can be satisfying to intervene in the respectable order of geometry, of settings, of faces and to imagine that we can thereby tickle Gravity". This quote by legendary artist Pol Bury, doesn't only capture the essence of his artworks but also reflects on the beauty of his jewellery. The first time Pol designed and made pieces of jewellery was back in 1968, until his death in 2005 he regularly designed these small treasures.

You may remember our article about Dries Van Noten's inspiration, where he used Pol's work as a starting point for his SS 09 collection. And although Van Noten's collection also included statement jewellery, the refined poetic version of a sphere's beauty is truly highlighted in Bury's own work which included rings, brooches and bracelets, all with moving elements.

Working with geometrical forms and kinetic rules for over a half century, Pol knew how to create amazing pieces. In collaboration with Gem Montebello, an Italian production house of limited art jewellery, he created earrings and pendants with tiny moving filaments that look like something viewed through a microscope in a biology lab. Back in 2010,  a gold bracelet designed in 1968, sold for about $34,000 at Sotheby. These days Pol Bury jewelry is highly collectible, and unfortunately quite scarce as many of these were done in small editions.

And for the true collectors: in the 1990's Pol did re-editions of some of his pieces, and added a new twist by doing some of the pieces with silver or white gold elements. Or how to change up your wardrobe!

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