Yes we know that we are adored for our famous Belgian fries, but do you realize that we also have some delicious burger places? And no we don't mean MacDonalds or Quick, but places where your burgers are prepared with a smile and sweet love! Therefore, the I Love Belgium team made a selection of three restaurants where you will get that mouthwatering experience for 2012!I LOVE BELGIUM



Lets start in our capital, Brussels, with Houtsiplou:

Just like the Belgium inspired wall paintings everything here is bold, bright and dynamic. Some examples confirming this are the small flowerpots for serving fries, the royal portions and the crisis friendly prices. Look around and you notice a young audience, from couples with children to hip students. Especially at summer time when the big terrace, overlooking place Rouppe, is the perfect spot to have an easy breezy summer night. This also means that at busy times service can be a bit slow, luckily the staff is friendly enough to overlook this! We also recommend you to mention how you want your burger baked as they have the tendency to leave it a bit pink inside!



Moving to Antwerp with Burgerij:

Overlooking Antwerp's most posh residential street, the Cogels-Osylei, Burgerij welcomes you in a warm black interior offering you budget friendly burgers. Their big asset? The à-la-minute grinding and baking of your burger, embellished with season bound products! Knowing all of this, we can't hardly wait for summer to enjoy the terrace and try one of the 10 burger variations! For the adventurers there is also the "burger of the month" composed by the other customers... Only downside, the location is not really central. But hey, biking is good for environment and body!



And ending we do in Ghent with Tasty:

This quick and handy take-away offers a well balanced range of only vegetarian burgers. The philosophy of beautiful, strong and natural fits into the approach of biodegradable packaging or the big arrangements of tasteful smoothies and juices! Oh we should also mention that this is a small chain, having two locations in Ghent and a new one in Liege! Still it stays a favourite with the students, as the prices for a burger never goes above 5 €. Go to the original one located in the historical centre of Ghent, Hoogpoort 1, combining tourism with food! The only thing the I Love Belgium team missed where our beloved fries!



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