Brutal Luxury

What is brutal luxury? It's luxury meets Spartan minimalism meets concrete meets money. This warehouse conversion was entrusted to Atelier d'Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners. It's now the home of a couple with a passion for architecture who were keen to make one of Düsseldorf’s rare ruins their own.

As the house miraculously avoided damage during the many bombings of World War II, the reconversion was closely overseen by the administrative authorities. The architects reflected the cities history in the glass panels as a reminder of the building’s heritage. A façade made entirely of glass stands completely independently of the old structures, showing off their immense scale.

Inside, the 600 square meters are characterised by vast white spaces, the existing brick pilasters and the concrete ceiling showing off the wear inflicted over time. The architecture unpretentiously magnifies the materials. Outside you'll find a day and night patio, ensuring the natural entrance of daylight in the closed structure.

Yes, Bond would opt for this house when having adventures in Düsseldorf!

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