Bring a Drop of Nature Home

People have always been fascinated by natural beauty.  From a serene forest to a roaring waterfall, these organic sceneries are known to take our breath away and leave us wanting never to return to the city life.  But what if there was a way to bring those awe-inspiring moments to your home?  What if we could take a portion of nature home with us in a way most people could never even dream of?Meet Florence Samain and Dave Monfort, the founders of the Darwin Sect. They share a passion for all things beautiful and elegant in nature and have shared their passion through beautiful displays of insects in pristine, clear globes. We already interviewed them when they started the Darwin Sect and when we heard about their next venture, we were even more excited. They present you the Darwin Tank: a jellyfish aquarium.  The Darwin Tank is your own aquarium exhibit that doubles as an art piece.  The sleek, seamless design gives viewers the chance to follow the jellyfish from all angles.  The curvature on the top of the tank also acts as a magnifying glass to inspect them more closely. The tank is also rigged with multi-coloured LED lights.  Owners will have the ability to illuminate their tank and select the colours of their choice. You will even be able to choose between seven species of jellyfish for an even more personalised tank.The tank itself is made of an ultra-resistant borosilicate glass.  This glass will retain the pressure within the tank to keep it from breaking and is extremely transparent for the best viewing quality. Their specialised pump incorporates oxygen into the water without creating air bubbles that could harm the jellyfish. Each piece of the tank is created with the utmost attention and care to make sure everything is air tight and perfect.While the Darwin Tank is still in its prototype phase, we can't wait to see what the final product will look like. Samain and Monfort are steadily approaching their Kickstarter goal of 31.500 Euros and we wish them the best.  Donate to the Darwin Tank Kickstarter here.

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