Bridging the Gap

No, we're not speaking proverbially, instead we take it literally: to make a bridge that reaches across a space! But it takes more than that to make a great bridge. Advances in design software, construction techniques and innovative materials have given engineers opportunities to focus on original, striking and sometimes whimsical designs that impress, while keeping function in mind. The best fit to this description is Brussels-based engineer office NEY+Partners.

When it comes to architectural striking bridges, NEY+Partners always succeeds in fulfilling the brief. Founder Laurent Ney always seeks a quest for optimal form through the use of forces as raw material. With these elements Laurent creates his striking sculpture-like structures. When we have a look at his extensive bridge portfolio, we see reoccurring elements such as the interplay of forces, geometry, scale, lightness, and scale.

No wonder that you can find these poetical NEY+partner bridges all over Belgian and Europe. And it' not only the I Love Belgium team that appreciates the work of Ney! Several Belgian architectural offices count on him for the technical aspect of an architectural masterpiece. Below you can find a selection of his bridges, designed and realized by the master (and office) himself. Enjoy! And Laurent, keep on building bridges (yes, pun intended).

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