The Brick Rabbit hole

In Belgium we have a saying that goes like this:  Belgians are born with a brick in their stomach. Yes, indeed we are a nation which loves constructing! That's why the I Love Belgium team wanted to share this all-brick LENS°ASS project. A perfect example of contemporary forms combined with good old brick.

Why did we fall in love with this house?  The masoned brick shaft that connects the practise, the private home and the garden.  Bringing order to a cluster of existing farm buildings in the Pajottenland landscape. The shaft was nicknamed ‘the rabbit hole’. It leads to an inside yard, which is also finished in brickwork.

Once inside the house, other unexpected surprises await the visitor’s eye. Even the smallest of windows frames the age-old landscape which includes a  seventeenth-century castle.

That castel,  the castle of Gaasbeek provides a platform to easily spot the brick roofing of the rabbit hole. Just like the castle, it has become a visually strong and culturally defining element in the landscape.  Architecture and surroundings are splendidly interlaced. The effect is so natural that it seems to have been shaped by nature and history alone.

And if you have a sick animal, you'll be happy to know that this architectural gem houses a vet practice.

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