Box Bunny - Laurent Gerbaud

Brussels based chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud's 'Box Bunny' is real chocolate art. Gerbaud is a rising star in the chocolate firmament and his holiday creations are every time a display of creative chocolate artisanry.
The campaign, shot by C'est Chic photographer Laetitia Bica, features Belgian singer An Pierlé (styling by C'est Chic's Dominique Degrelle and hair & make-up by C'est Chic's Miaou). The poppy and refreshing approach (from both Gerbaud and the campaign) takes Easter away from the boring ads and chocolate eggs we see coming back every year.
The dark chocolate bunny, a blend of Madagascar and Ecuador cacao beans - 75 %, can be yours for a democratic 14,50 euro. Campaign picture and info about Gerbaud after the jump. Happy Easter from the I Love Belgium crew!
Laurent Gerbaud has been marrying chocolate, fruit and spices for 7 years now. During a prolonged stay in China, he discovers the rich realm of Asian tastes and smells and begins to coat delicious kumquats (small candied oranges) with dark chocolate: an unexpected delicacy. Back in Belgium he passionately continues to create tasty combinations. "When I am developing products, my only guide is my personal taste", Gerbaud says. The ingredients that compose each of his creations are all selected among the best ones in their league, and each delicacy is hand-made: " The chocolate and every ingredient we use are noble and precious: their character can be preserved only through a hand-made treatment."

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