BotoxCloud by SAQ

No, we're not talking about a syringe needle cloud filled with uplifting botox! BotoxCloud is a collaboration between Belgian architecture office SAQ and Berlin based art gallery Zirkumflex. So, the only thing that will be lifted are paper models who are cut and folded in a certain way so that they create interesting patterns and representations.

These origami-like patterns with a futuristic touch (thanks to the metallic finish), reflect on the complexities of the weather. Bring several of these together and you create an abstract installation which uses design to show the complexities of the surrounding world. For example, when the light comes through the paper models, its physicality changes. In this way the installation yields various possible structural manifestations.

Zirkumflex will publish a limited edition cut and fold print of the paper models used in the installation. This limited edition is made of two abstract paper models, which can be constructed individually or combined in various connections, both large and small, capturing the light like clouds on a sunny day. So if you want clouds in your living room, then you can buy them here.

We've added some images of the installation and product itself, so you can figure out where to hang them (we guess the toilet ceiling may be a neat idea). So start folding and enjoy your BotoxCloud!

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