Blondel Tower

One of Brussels finest architects, Pierre Blondel, recently finished a true "Unité d'Habitation" in the heart of Brussels’ European district. For those who never walked in the EU-neighbourhood, just imagine dull office buildings, unattractive public spaces and desolate after office hours.  So when Pierre was hired to design Leopold Village, a true multifunctional architectural landmark came into being!

Next to the studios, offices, apartments and penthouses you can find restaurants, shops and the design-yet-reasonable priced A-loft Hotel, the first of its kind in Europe. When completed in late 2009 Leopold Village brought a new dynamic into the European district. Unlike the buildings in the neighbourhood, Pierre Blondel made sure Leopold Village had an openness and variation in it's architecture. This resulted in big windows, several unique façades and an interesting volume play with a wink tot the fifties and sixties aesthetics.

If you don't have the money for one of these (pricey) apartments, then take a walk in the Léopold park just across the street and enjoy a view on the Blondel Tower. Oh, and it was the I Love Belgium teams idea to rename it into the Blondel Tower. Doesn't it sound nice?

Pictures by Georges De Kinder

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