The Black Horse

How do you transform a former brewery into a housing unit for artist? You just have a look at the example of the Hallemans brewery in Brussels which was conceptualised by architecture office L'Escaut! Their key elements were openness and visual presence, elements which translated into a remarkable small tower and the use of several footbridges.

Titled Cheval Noir (translates as Black Horse), this housing unit is located in a neighbourhood in search of a new architectural breath. The combination of the old an the new building, both much higher than the industrial halls along the canal, is seen from the right bank of the canal, participating in the local skyline. And since the site is in between two public spaces (a street and a square), both of them have an entrance to the building, making a visual connection between the two spaces.

Cheval Noir seeks to integrate as much as possible all the structural and architectural elements that are characteristic of the old brewery. On this inheritance background, the necessary interventions for contemporary living will be clearly identifiable, creating a dialogue with the existing building, never imitating it. As for the new building, it will be clearly different from the old brewery, both by its contemporary architecture as by its zinc facade.

When you see these kind of projects, don't you wish you were an artist in search of housing...?

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