Black Balloon opens flagship store in Ghent

In times of crisis we applaud young talent, not afraid of investing and looking further! Cleo Baele and Sarah Bos are two wild girls from Belgium that started Black Balloon a few years ago and now they just opened their own flagship store in hip Ghent.

Together they form the creative brain behind this young label, where they create their own world, the world of Black Balloon: apparel, shoes and accessories for men and women, inspired by a mix of music and emotions. Their on-trend designs got them commissioned outfits for Belgian dj heroes David and Stephen Dewaele (aka Soulwas aka the F*cking Dewaele Brothers) and Belgian chansonnier Arno.

And young talent looks out for young talent! That's why decided to work together with young architecture agency Carbon for their flagship store interior. Carbon is a multidisciplinary platform that focuses on architecture and (urban) design. Brenda De Neve and Simon Dauwe both graduated as architects in St. Lucas Ghent. After their studies, they did experience in Paris. They've worked with renowned architects such as Atelier Jean Nouvel, ANMA / Nicolas Michelin Manuelle Gautrand. This is what they have to say about the BB project: "The Black Balloon flagship store is built around a touchable illusion. Fashion is translated into an anamorfosis. With every movement in the room, the collection feels different. That experience is  photographic. It uses the space so this adds a second dimension."

The flagship store in in Onderbergen a creative hub in the centre of Ghent (the same street where you'll find funky fresh stores such Dope, the artist supply shop Schleiper and the Mineral a delicious restaurant with cute green mosaics on the outside), so they're in good company. The red carpet makes you feel special and adds a splash of colour to the graphic black and white space. The mirrored ceiling (recycled mirrors from the Interieur Kortrijk design fair ramblas), doubles the space and adds a modern disco feel. It's absolutely Black Balloon.

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