Binnenskamers by Tim Enthoven

Tin Tin or The Smurfs ring a bell? Yes, Belgians have a lot of love for comic books. If we're not illustrating one, then we'll publish one! Bries is one of those passionate publishing houses. Instead of looking for the most commercial work, they search illustrators which balance between comics, art and graphic design. With his graduation project Binnenskamers, Dutch designer Tim Enthoven is one of those.

Inspired by his own live, Tim created a comic that stays away from the typical comic elements. It all starts with a young man named Tim (cynical?). Tim's obsessions with control, predictability and order are neatly reflected in the visuals of the story. For example: the snack bar woman, Tim's limited communication with reality, is represented  in a carefully controlled black pen-line drawing.

Reading the story you notice that Tim is the kind of guy who doesn't have great expectations. Even an unexpected call from an old friend turns his live around. Not able to handle the idea of meeting his old friend, Tim's mental state of mind sends him crashing. Sometimes you need to hit a wall to see the light. Giving birth to new feelings forces him to leave his, beautifully illustrated, unrealistic cage.

It may sound bizarre, but the I Love Belgium team saw this book and immediately fell in love! The ordered illustrations, the regularity, the boxiness combined with the well thought conceptual pen and paper drawings make it hard to resist. We're sure you'll be attracted to this one when you enter your bookshop in the upcoming months!

Until then you'll have to do with a fine selection out of the 100 actual pages. Enjoy!

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