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The Belgian interior bible

What would happen if you visit 260 Belgian homes in five months time and catalogue their interiors? You'd get the Interiors.Notes and Figures project of Brussels based photographer Maxime Delvaux.

And no it's not a purely aesthetic exercise, instead these 1.200 photos look into the new challenges to which architectural practice must rise. The study attempts to devise a vocabulary and to reveal the attitudes that, beyond pure form, allow us to define a culture that is specific to these transformations.

So instead of looking at interior design/architecture from an outside point of view, these images reveal the true meaning of interiors behind the building facade's. While starring at these pictures you'll see all sorts of transformations, adjustments and modifications that are carried out. They may not be the most aesthetic, practical or well-thought solutions but they are done for a reason. And that's why we can learn from these. 

So have a look at the series and wonder how you can see rules and lessons-to-be-learned in our Belgian way of living. 

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