Belgian Interbellum architecture

Before we start this post, we have some explaining to do! As you may have noticed, we were quite silent these last few weeks. But we have a legit reason for that: we renovated and moved into a thirties house. Brussels, the place we are based, and Belgium has a nice selection of interbellum architecture (in between wars). That's why we show you a small selection of a big archive.

How did we find this splendid archive? By accident! While doing our ILB research, we stumbled up the Flickr stream of gopat1. This person goes around Belgium and collects the best architectural gems. His work consists of a fine picture, a complete description and a location. Who needs more?

Although he has a wider architecture selection, we went for the 'in between wars' selection. Why? After the first World War, architects were in search of a new functionalism. New materials, new techniques,  international architecture magazines, volume studies, ... influenced the change of neoclassical/art-nouveau architecture into art-deco/modernism. And because we now live in such an example. Enjoy our small selection and discover much more here!

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