Belgian Highway Driving

As a true I Love Belgium reader you noticed that the editorial team was on holiday for the last two weeks! But don't worry we're back and fully charged. How did we do that? We drove for 12 hours, parked ourselves under the sun and recharged our batteries! While driving we noticed that the Belgian highway has some nice variety to it, especially compared with the surrounding countries. This is a fact that Dutchman Rob van Hoesel translated into a book called Transitoland.

Being a small transit country, divided in many districts, provinces and regions (each with their own policy-makers) Belgium results in an variety of highway aesthetics. Something Rob investigated by photographing each of the 35 Belgian highways from his Opel Corsica. In the book he arranges 1,000 of those images by route number. As he says himself: “Driving a car gives me a sense of freedom: you can stop the movement or journey at a chosen point.” That's why you'll get a variety of highway elements: trees, stripes, lights, bridges, tunnels and many more!

So get into your car and plan yourself a weekend trip Belgium! Get your camera and start shooting those highway holiday pics!

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