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Behind The Glass

Put love for architecture plus a passion for bugs together and the sum will be Romain Les Bains! Although Romain takes insect taxidermy into the 21st century, the ILB team wondered how a young lad gets into the profession of insect preservation? Once you read his biography, it becomes crystal clear.

After his Bachelor degree in Applied Arts, Romain travelled to Madagascar for a year. It was in the tropical rainforests that he discovered the colorfull fauna and flora and especially the local insects. But it was in Mexico, where he stayed for another 6 months and took a course in Mexican Popular Art, that Romain knew what to do with them. After this break Romain continued his Architecture studies in Brussels. Thanks to his background in Architecture Romain knows how to create an interesting "tableaux". There is no reference to classical taxidermy, instead Romain will create unique metal frames to support the bugs. This does not only create an interesting story within the display, it also elevates these insects towards a work of art.

If you want to see his work in real life, then head over to Superstrat. This gallery/shop gathers young talents in the heart of Brussels: the Marolles neighbourhood. A perfect place for a Sunday discovery!

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