Beaufort # 4

Week four and our Beaufort series is still going strong! Based on the page view numbers and reactions, we have a small hunch that you fell in love with these artworks. Sadly enough the government doesn't share our feeling. Recently they decided to stop subsidize this great seaside summer art project. The chance that there will be a fifth edition is subsequently reduced to a minimum (see the Beaufort obituary here). Our way to support this project? To continue with these articles and hope you'll take a trip to the seaside!

Shouting your lungs out through an enormous horn! Is there a better way to ventilate your frustration? Latvian artist Ivars Drulle gives with " I Can Hear It" the the viewer the chance to step outside the everyday pressures and to become one with the natural power of the sea.Two horns (similar to the shape of an old record gramophone) are located towards the sea. On a bench in front of the horns a woman is sitting and listening.

The visitors are invited to sit down next to the woman and hear the sound of the sea through the second horn.  Through numerous details (the woman’s clothes, the bolts of the horns) the installation is linked to the Art Nouveau style of the historical Hotel Bellevue, thus connecting with the past image of the coast as a prestigious recreation area. Art connected to architecture, what do you want more?

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