Beaufort # 3

Over the past few days the Belgian weather abruptly changed (we're quite used to it now). So we said goodbye to the sun and welcomed back our raincoat. That's why we continue our Beaufort series with a ... colourful, partly human, Big Coat on Zeebrugge's  St. George’s Day Promenade

This Big Coat may remind you of the bloated vehicles and pop up objects, built out of polyurethane foam and polystyrene, covered with a layer of lacquer, of Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. And indeed, this creature also sprouted from his mind and follows his humorous approach towards formalism.

Wurm chooses situations from our contemporary society, in which next to people everyday objects appear. The objects and the attitude or shape into which they force a body, are a reflection on the physical and psychological condition of humanity. They often lead to unexpected and humorous situations. With the sculptures Big Coat Wurm shows his fascination with clothing: how clothes determine the shape of the human body and the way it influences and restricts our movement.

In other words: you'll think twice about what you wear when passing this artwork!

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