Beaufort # 1

As the temperature is rising, we know it's time to talk about Beaufort04.  The Triennial has become an indispensable cultural event which is not to be missed. The Belgian coast and contemporary art have found one another again through monumental installations and intriguing works of art embedded in the unique biotope of the dynamic coastal municipalities. That's why the I Love Belgium team decided to post one artwork every week!

We start the Beaufort series with the sculpture of Nick Ervinck. Along the Spinoladijk in Bredene, Nick Ervinck is searching for the interaction between virtual constructions and hand-made sculptures. In his still youthful oeuvre Ervinck uses a wide range of techniques: digital prints, video, drawings and especially sculptural forms made out of painted plaster, polyester and wood which are presented securely in a given space (remember our ceiling of the day on Facebook?).

For Beaufort04 he is creating a new sculpture entitled OLNETOP. The 8 metres high artistic installation refers to splashing waves. This sculpture is inspired by a natural dynamic, but at the same time it is animated by the power of the virtual. The virtual form is not ‘released’ from the material, by a process of cutting away or chiselling, but becomes in itself a productive or generative principle.

Hope you love it like we do! If not, then you'll have the change to discover your seaside "Coup de Coeur" over the next few weeks!

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