Beastly Jewelry

Every I Love Belgium reader knows we like statement jewelry (I'm sure your remember our posts about IL by Isabelle Lenfant, Belgian statement necklaces and Mouton Collet) and we just discovered another gem.

Espèces  is the result of a collaboration between jewellery designer Marie Artamonoff and artist Sébastien Rien. The pair have designed and created a series of silver jewellery on the theme of bones. It combines an artistic approach with a reflexion on a questionable aesthetics. Their creations are based on sociological sensitivity; the first universal, quasiancestral ornaments brought forth into our contemporary world.

The collection has been made without causing any harm and with the utmost respect for life. The bones used for the castings have been found and collected in their natural habitat, the woods, by a passionate young naturalist. The creative process that defines Espèces is partly influenced by great visionary filmmakers having developed a post-human aesthetics (David Cronenberg, James Cameron, Ridley Scott or Shinya Tsukamoto) on the link between man and machine.

This is not yet another collection of accessories jewels but a committed message about the respect of individuality, a poetic and anthropological approach on the evolution of the living. The collection comes in four models made of silver and moulded from genuine animal bones. By working specifically on jaws, true symbol of our singularity, the designers ask to respect every animal's individuality.

The photography by Jehanne Moll & Stéphane Bednarek is just beautiful, we've put up a series of their lifestyle pictures for Espèces on our Facebook page. Check them out and become silent, just like us, because of nature's beauty.

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