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The LGBT community loves Belgium, but unfortunately it doesn’t always love them back. Most of the time even for no reason at all. Although the term gay bashing certainly does not require any explanation within the LGBT community, the concept is completely alien to all too many outsiders.

In order to address this problem, people need to know what happens, and where. And that's exactly what young Belgian developer Bert Vermeire thought. Bert originally came up with the concept after having read a call out on the Facebook page of Outrage! (a Belgian anti-gay-bashing movement). As Outrage! jumped at the idea, Bert set down to work and developed the iPhone and Android application Bashing.

Via Google maps, this smartphone application, charts all the reported locations where homophobic violence was ever committed. It allows members of the LGBT community faced with aggression to geographically pinpoint the incident on Google Maps via their smartphone, anonymously if they wish. The streets where homophobic violence has been committed can literally be ‘put on the map’. In this way, the victim  can raise awareness about the issue and push for persistent action. The iPhone app can be downloaded free of charge via the Apple Store and via Android Market.


bashing app - ilovebelgium blog


This app, a perfect example of social service design combined with user generated content, is a Belgian premiere. The design is not only attractive with cool visuals but also very user-friendly. We actually know Bert Vermeire very well since he is also the developer of the template of your beloved blog: I Love Belgium! And this is yet another reason to spread the love about this great initiative.


bashing app - ilovebelgium blog

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