Bare Bones Jewellery

We've all had that outfit that is almost perfect, but there's something that's not quite right.  You struggle trying on different accessories, new shoes, etc.  Then you realise you need something that stands out.  You need something bold and something that draws the right amount of attention.  This is where Sternum comes in.

What started as Sophie Peelman's personal project has flourished into a beautifully minimalist jewellery line.  Sternum's clean, bold designs make a great statement necklace.  They come in various geometric shapes and patterns that include everything from a asymmetrical and aptly named "Tetris" look to a rigid octagonal shape. These simple shapes are strong, yet very easy on the eyes.  The use of only industrial, non-precious metals also add an extra unique feeling that you might not get with traditional gold or silver.  Choose between aluminium, copper, brass, or a matte black finish to fit your style.  All of Peelman's pieces are made without nickel and made to order so get yours while you still can.

As Peelman continues her studies at the Henry van de Velde Institute, we hope she continues to bring more of her minimalist style to the table.  Visit Sternum's website here, and make sure to order one for yourself.

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