Barbra by Christophe Coppens at Highlight Gallery

Highlight Gallery, the gallery and webstore that recently opened its virtual and physical doors just finished a very successful Filip Dujardin exhibition and they already announced a new one! Barbra, by Belgian millenery and artist Christophe Coppens. It's a new body of work that explores the artist’s lifelong fascination with pop icon Barbra Streisand.

In Barbra, Coppens investigates an enchantment with the singer and actress starting at age 11, when he received the single, “Woman in Love,” from his favorite aunt. Since then, “Babs” has always been present in his life, but without any clearly definable reason why. Now, at age 41, Coppens has decided to analyze this elusive affinity through photography, video, and installation. He focuses not only on his own vague devotion, but also looks to broader public perception and Streisand’s fluctuating popularity among decades of cultural mood swings.

In the show’s titular piece, a photographic self-portrait, Coppens inhabits Streisand’s stage persona, but does not aspire to a perfect simulation. Instead, a starry-eyed Coppens balances the almond-shaped eyes against a bandaged nose. Though Streisand never went under the knife herself, Coppens’ disruption of her most controversial feature places it at the intersection of the exhibition’s most conspicuous themes: obsession, popular culture, and stardom. The pictures or pictures from the installations at the Highlight Gallery in San Francisco. We especially love the polaroids, pictures that were taken by Coppens in an abandoned house which he transformed into a house that was inhabited by a crazy obsessed Streisand fan. Babs will  have the thrill of her life when she sees these. Papa, can you hear me!

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