Ateliers J&J

Over the last years we have seen a change in the design world as a result of the recent economic meltdown. This translates itself in safe (and somewhat) boring designs which have a high sell-ability factor to it. Milan was not much more then a re-edition show and platform for established designers and big brands which weren't interested into pushing boundaries. Luckily we found some excitement in young initiatives such as the brand new design studio J&J.

Back in 2012, Jean Angelats and Jonathan Renou decided they wanted to produce sustainable and accessible furniture. As a result Ateliers J&J was born. Maybe you ask yourself, what's the big difference with other design studios? Well, it helps when you know that these two guys don't have any background in design. Indeed, it's a self-taught, self-financed design studio based in the outskirts of Brussels, composed of a carpentry and ironwork section.

Their first collection exists out of a range of furniture which plays with colored tubular steel structures in combination with clear wood. The designs are straight forward, clean, transparent and modular. It's an exiting first collection and the I Love Belgium team wonders where the future will bring these boys and their promising designs.

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