Atelier 11 summer 2010

Nature is a recurrent theme for Antwerp based Belgian jewellery collective Atelier 11. Their Summer 2010 collection puts nature’s most intriguing species on a pedestal: the insects. Silver hangers with black and yellow prints of bees and wasps, real butterfly wings make outspoken earrings and lace-like silver butterfly rings are spray-painted in shocking pink. They’ve also used the shiny shells of the jewel beetle (also used by Belgian contemporary artist Jan Fabre). The green shells are incorporated in medallions or become gem-like hangers.

Also the more ‘scary’ sorts become high-end accessories: a stag beetle transforms into a silver statement ring, a huge silver spider leg or the leg of a praying menace ornates a silver necklace and a simple fly becomes a subtle brooch. Atelier 11 is sold worldwide in different avant-garde boutiques. They also have an online shop. They have a handy ‘what’s your ring size-PDF’ and you can send wish lists to your boyfriend or girlfriend through your account.

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