Alice Gallery

The Alice Gallery in Brussels is a hotspot for street art. It's a gallery, a book store and a gadget store. Although 'gadget' seems a little denigrating to me. You can feast your eyes on the best street artists of the moment (So Me, Samuel François, Sixeart, Pica Pica...) or splurge on some great coffee table books. They also have great t-shirts with arty prints (if you can't buy the art, you buy the t-shirt!), lomo cameras and other übercool gadgets. A scoop for I Love Belgium: Alice Gallery is moving! They will have their final exhibition in May and will leave the Dansaert street to move to the Rue du Pays du Liège, a sidestreet of the Vlaamse Steenweg. The gallery (which is currently in the basement) will be much more prominent in this venue. Be sure to check out one of their exhibits or events. Current exhibition is by Elzo Durt.

Elzo Durt is an artist who uses serigraphy as a medium. His works translate the distress and desires of young adults; this mental confusion towards the complexity of everyday life translates into pop colours on surrealist collages.Elzo is inspired by music and vice versa. From rock and electro to hip-hop, the wacky world of Enzo is a rebuttal to the social and moral order, expressed throughout independent music. It’s a relationship where the world of music and graphic design work together through the creation and organisation of album covers or concerts. That’s why ‘School Failure’ is an exhibition as well as a concert. On one side you have an exhibition of works inspired by bands known by the artist.On the other, it’s a concert that brings forward 6 of these bands who’ll be playing on the 22nd of February at the Magasin 4.

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