Academy Shows #1 - Antwerp

It's a bank holiday in Belgium and yes we have been slacking. Blame it on the weather, it's 25 °C in our country and your I Love Belgium prefers being outside enjoying than inside blogging. One advantage: when we're outside we discover things we can present to you! We will also be out and about the next weekends since the academy shows of the Belgian fashion academies are coming up. On June 7th, 8th and 9th 2012, the Fashion Department of the Artesis Hogeschool presents its annual fashion show at Hangar 29 in Antwerp.

The graduation show of the Antwerp Fashion Department is a celebration of fashion, bringing together some 6.000 spectators from all over the world, not only to judge and/or admire the collections of our students, but also for the unique atmosphere of this grand defilé. SHOW2012 is a celebration of fashion and creativity. This year the academy showed will be streamed live and the I Love Belgium team will tweet live from the academy show alongside one of Belgium's most important fashion journalists Veerle Windels and Belgium's most watched fashionista Tiany Kiriloff. The show will be streamed live (together with the tweetfeed of the commentators) on the site of this via this link. Start following our twitter now! If you check the hashtag #antwerpfashion you can follow all our tweets.

Alongside the graduation shows of the Antwerp Fashion Department, NU_Fashion #1 opens in the Red Fish Factory in Antwerp. An exhibition, a get-together, a platform for young and more established talents, clustered into one theme:identity.
The idea: the Antwerp Fashion Department counts numerous alumni who themselves teach fashion to young future designers. Anke Loh is professor in Chicago, Marina Yee in Ghent, Ellen Monstrey in Sint-Niklaas, Eric Verdonck andJurgi Persoons in The Hague, Christoph Broichregularly gives guest lectures to fashion students in Kobe, Patrick De Muynck teaches at Polimoda in Firenze... and so on.

The curators asked teachers from 6 fashion institutes as well as their students for their vision on the theme ‘identity’. To what extent does your origin determine the output of your collection? What’s the difference between East and West in terms of creativity?

Don't expect a fashion show or a static setting. NU_Fashion #1 thinks big: from performance to photo-impressions, from video to happening. Tons of creativity in different forms from around the globe!

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