8bit Desert Blonde

In the Nevada desert you can find the Goldwell Open Air Museum started by Poland-born Belgian sculptor Albert Szukalski. Back in 1985 he started the sculpture park near Rhyolite, also referred to as "The Gateway to Death Valley." Next to his own work, you'll find works of other Belgian artist such as Dr. Hugo Heyrman, who created this Lady Desert.

And yes, the I Love Belgium team fell in love with the beauty of the Bit Lady! Standing slightly up the hill, this seven and a half meter tall cinder block woman titled "Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada" is overlooking the empty desert. The Lady's popping yellow hair and pink skin are eye-capturing in this land of brown and gray. Although placed in 1992, the Lady Desert still has her radiant pinkness thanks to a restoration and paint job in 2005.

Being an internet pioneer, Dr. Hugo says that the pixels used in his electronic 2D art inspired him to pixelize a nude woman. To understand the doctor, we end with the poem he wrote for his digital reality:

I'm the darling of digital space, a 3D model or reality,
sharing my feelings with the magical desert,
showing my naked beauty to the virtual future.

In my dreamtime I'm feeling the heat of the light,
on my yellow hair, on my naked body, on my square breasts,
turning around with the world, not afraid of being myself.

I'm the Venus of Nevada, inventing the colours of joy,
sharing my interactive memory and
my background of love with all living things.

Traveller, say good-bye to my system and move on

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