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2 become 1

When architect duo Maarten Baeye and  Karen Kesteloot of architecture firm studiobont decided to join two terraced houses to create their own home/studio, they started on an adventure of precise interventions. As both houses have a rich neighbourhood history: one is known as the local pub "De Bonte Koe" while the other one served for years as the local grocery, it was imported to keep the elements which referred to this history. As the grocery's interior was too much brutalized in the past, the pub elements - such as the bar element - was the focal point within the new design concept.

The next step was to open up both houses to each other. Creating a circulation plan which made sense while respecting the original reflecting floor plans. As the pub house was previously redone as a private home, here the importance was put on the outside spaces: maximization of the sunny spot, creating views on the surrounding green urban landscapes and respecting a logical inside/outside circulation. The other house was more of a blank page, which gave the architects the opportunity to rethink the existing spaces.  A library, atelier and two bedrooms were created. On the outside of the house they added an outdoor shower and city garden.

As both staircases were preserved a flexible and multifunctional program could be realized. So if you ever get the chance to visit this house you'll be up for a real discovery tour throughout these beautifully joined houses!

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